Sunday, May 30, 2010


Most men don't like to share their feelings. So most of their abuse goes unreported. I dont want women to think I'm not being sensitive to their hurt or abuse. But the way women deal with abuse is different. Once we find our voice we share are story with the world, if it will make us feel better. But men don't have the same freedom if they are being abused. Most times its so subtle that they not even sure it is abuse. Men have been mistreated for a long time and its as if they were just born to be disrespected. All men are not dogs. And if they are not treated as kings how can they act like one. Don't put him on a pedestal, but dont kick him when hes down. I'm going to give light, but only the true in heart will receive it....hold your head up men. God loves you and it's ok to say am I being abused and if so, get help. Question have answers.... -


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