Thursday, July 19, 2012


I got issues, covering my brothers from women straight thuggin. Faking and lying just out to deceive you,
Dont love you then dont leave you. Man eaters, men users, men haters, men takers, heart breaking, pain making, not real affection just imitating, hope broken , bank rollen. They got you hypnotized with big thighs. but they hands high slapping each other five. When these witches patroling, legs open, when your souls they controling. This aint nothing new these stories are true. You think you pimping them but they pimping you.
You think you dogs, that vicious cats caniving too. They take your last dime, hundreds at a time. while you
rhyme. just covering their time.
Then they laugh at you material minds dating you all not even one at a time. Im just trying to expose them oh yea even the ones quoting verses. Scripture you know ones in churches.
so innocent, cant pull up their shirts at first that is. You wont believe how they be plotting just as hard as other women do. They just pretending its all for the Lord, they how tight their dresses are for; to make you want them more looking angelic and polly pure.
Inticing with that mind controlling stuff they on, using God just trying to perform.Watch a face that changes form make no mistake though a different kind  of whore. They shop at a holy store, where men are in rare form. Hearts on the alter big open door, They flee from the streets and fornication, looking for peace of mind to leave the grind behind for god to find. They are dead on arrival even with that new bible if they let their guard down in there. Many women  looking for a weakness that these kind explotit. God dont throw guilt His love makes you quit or submit. They using the words to control just as cold as the ones on the poles. Dont get it twisted, Yea I got issues. Its just making me sick to see so many brothers having to run from all the ass women be throwing. No shame in this its their game.
Any man they chase him.
Toxic waste they giving.
Then send him spinning lost in the confusion. Of them and their dilussion
now your disfuntional so misuse you. Now you are a daddy.
Drama on all your corners you got a baby mama, but she wont ever be a mother.
Just had another baby to get some money from a new brother.
Brothers now sisters aint all like this but im trying to make a listall all of the
women you need to be resisting.
The ones that hate you, lie and mistreat you, treat you like dirt,
Put you down on the floor then step on you more.
Or telling you how you need to convert just to get up their skirts.
Real Love wont think of itself first. 1 Cor. 13 bible has purpose.
But true love remains it dont change. God gift of love is free theres no tricks.
Sorry church for some was a battlefield. It always takes time to heal. In or out of the church,
selobate, selfrightous craftiness is real. just a warning from a sister who cares.
there are good ones but also some mean chicks out here.
They got issues

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